Pizza Hut Restaurants


Pizza Hut Restaurants

PMGC are proud to have been selected and retained as the Contractor of choice for all of the Pizza Hut outlets so far constructed in Tanzania.

Working to the very specific and high quality standards set by the world wide recognised Franchisor PMGC successfully completed the challenges set time and again.

Works consisted of transforming new and/or existing premises into instantly recognised Fast Food Outlets. All services work – electric, lighting, data, gas, air-conditioning, security, CCTV, access control and etc. – were installed and incorporated into very precise designed locations.

New walls, floors, ceilings to exacting standards were installed. Cold Rooms were assembled and incorporated. Shop-fittings and Appliances were coordinated.

The overall finished contract works were subsequently inspected and approved by the Franchisor.

A testament to PMGC expertise being that they have been retained five times to repeat the task of producing a Pizza Hut Restaurant to a demanding quality